New sales partner in South East Asia
11 May 2020

New Drupps sales partner in South East Asia

11 May 2020

OptiCat R2V is based in Bangkok, Thailand, a hub of the Asian Economic Community ASEAN with a population of 700 million people and a total GDP of 10 trillion US dollars.  OptiCat R2V has developed strategic business partnerships in the region since more than 30 years.

With over 10% of this region’s population still not having enough access to safe drinking water, and with serious water supply challenges rapidly developing due to industrialization and population growth, ASEAN is in great need of disruptive water technology and solutions.

With this partnership Drupps is establishing an strategic bridgehead and base in the vibrant ASEAN region, a market that is expected to grow significantly over the coming decade.

About OptiCat R2V

OptiCat R2V ("Resource to Value") is a promise to the market looking to reduce its water footprint as well as making a difference to the many communities demanding action today.

For more details and information, please contact CEO Peter Silfwerbrand at +46-70-652-3553.

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