Always available – and sustainable

The atmosphere holds a lot of water. Just like other natural water sources, it is tapped and refilled continuously. Drupps enables you to tap it whenever you need it.

Nature strives for balance, and if moisture is tapped, the atmosphere absorbs new moisture from Earth with the help of evaporation, wind and diffusion and to regain that balance.

In fact, the atmosphere rebounds even faster than groundwater. Unlike groundwater, the atmosphere has no asphalt, concrete or other other structure blocking the way for water to replenish it.

Atmospheric water is part of the solution to fight water scarcity with new sustainable water to help groundwater rebound.

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Always available

Water scarcity or not, there will always be moisture in the atmosphere above us. That makes atmospheric water a very reliable water source.

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Heavy metals, pesticides, or larger chemical compounds cannot fly and are not present in atmospheric water. In addition, drupps employs scrubbing and distilling to remove those that get through.

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Less distribution

Atmospheric water is local by nature and needs no distribution, be it via pipelines or trucks. Less distribution means less infrastructure costs and CO2 emissions.

Drupps Addresses These Goals

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Clean Water

By setting up atmospheric water production locally, water can be made available basically anywhere on earth where there are people. The water will be clean, pollution-free and plenty.

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Sustainable Cities

Atmospheric water enables sustainable local water production on city rooftops. This helps cities become self-supporting in water. With rooftop water production, groundwater levels can rebound quicker, and surrounding regions will be less exploited for water.

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Responsible Production

Atmospheric water is a sustainable water resource, and when made available to producing companies, less unsustainable groundwater extraction will occur.

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Seawater Care

Atmospheric water offers an alternative to desalination which has a negative impact on marine life when brine is put back into the ocean. Less desalination means less interference with marine eco-systems.

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